About Us

A little bit about me!

Hey, I’m George. I’m 31 and from South East England. 

My passion for fragrances started at a very young age and has come and gone over my younger years. My first memory of being intrigued by any fragrance was when I wore my dads YSL Kouros to school when I was about 13. After what I know now, Kouros for a 13 year old schoolboy probably wasn’t the right scent for that occasion!


More recently, my interest in fragrances grew very fast as I was travelling back and forward to Europe regularly - and to pass the airport waiting time I tried literally every fragrance in the duty free stores. This catapulted my interest into an obsession.  

After building up a collection of my own, and realising that I very much wanted to have an income and work in the fragrance industry. This is where Visionary Fragrances was brought to life. 

The idea of creating a fragrance sample website came when I wanted to try a fragrance during lockdown, and the only option I saw at the time was from eBay. I ordered a few samples from there and only about 50% turned out to be genuine. The other half were either oily clones or diluted and watery. With this experience I decided to create a fragrance sample company that provides only genuine fragrances to other people exactly like me. 

After 18 months of visionaryfragrances.com going live - we have processed 1000s of orders and started the process of opening up an office in Europe to supply the whole of the EU, which will open in March 2023! The website for EU orders in visionaryfragranceseu.com

I also have a passion for photography, especially perfume/product photography. Every picture you see either on my instagram page or on my website was taken and edited by me. It’s another passion of mine which runs alongside my fragrance business. 

If you made it this far, thanks. Feel free to contact me anytime via a DM. You can also find me on YouTube and TikTok where I post reviews of the fragrances I own.